In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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From Greek "ΣΥΝ ΛΌΓΟΣ" meaning "With God"
Logos has other Based meanings such as Truth, Reason, etc.


To quote W.M. Briggs "Based is everything debased is not."
The fourteen ⑭ icon refers to the strongest Base measured on the pH scale.

Why the Separation

Here I attempt to separate the Sheep from the Goats.
Christian : Openly explicit in their Christianity, Based and Reliable.
Based (i) : Excellent sites without explicit Christian theme.
Based (ii) : "Hot Takes" and links rather than original articles.
Based (iii) : Newly Added, Christian blogger under review, etc.

"A Based Goat is finer than a Converged Sheep"

Operator's Notes

This site is simple and informational by design and fast as a result.
The RSS feeds provided are only as good as the source sites can provide.
Sources are polled up to four times an hour on a random offset.
The role of operator is to maintain a personal library with only 100 books.


On 15/02/2021 the feed run by FreeNortherner broke.
Soon the lack of aggregation was noted widely thus SYNLOGOS was born.
Between starting and its outage the Christian awareness grew.

Other aggregators/sites I recommend for various topics :
infogalactic news and tech


Missing a great blog/writer ? Ideas, Suggestions, Contact, etc ?
Reach out by email to synlogos-@-protonmail-.-com

Gott Mit Uns!

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