In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


From Greek "ΣΥΝ ΛΌΓΟΣ" meaning "With God"
Logos has other Based meanings such as Truth, Reason, etc.

Based Meaning

To quote W.M. Briggs "Based is everything debased is not." - read his article for insight.
The fourteen ⑭ icon refers to the strongest Base measured on the pH scale.
That this matches the 14 Words is merely another amusing synchronicity.

Why the Separation.

The Christian sources chosen are implicitly Based and explicit in their Christianity.
Non-Christian Based sources exist, are still useful or interesting to contemplate. I am grateful for them.
If a Christian chooses to speak or write Based content, without sharing their religious beliefs, it is just Based.
Based Sources might not be explicitly Christian, or be a little too spammy with "hot takes" rather than articles.
"A Based Goat is far finer than a Converged Sheep"

A Historical Context

It so happened on 15/02/2021 the feed stopped working.
Our thanks to FreeNortherner, it was a useful feed for many years.
When one thing withers it can make space for a new generation.
Between starting and it ending, the Christian awareness grew.
The best of the writers were more aware of their Christian basis.
Note: is back up, but I will continue to maintain this site.


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I am happy to oblige if it makes sense to do so.

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