In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Tuesday Vox Popoli Personal cleanliness IS important
Tuesday William M. Briggs The Five+ Waves Of COVID Explained; Vexxination Tyranny; Why They Stopped Reporting Deaths; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXXI
Tuesday RORATE CÆLI Father de Tanoüarn, IBP: "It is Francis who contradicts communion. We are witnessing a rare case where the pope destroys communion."
Tuesday RORATE CÆLI "Latin Mass Hysteria"? A reply to a hysterical Jesuit-sponsored piece
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Tuesday Dark Brightness Administration.
Tuesday Vox Popoli Americans are the Indians now
Monday Dark Brightness 27 July 2021
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Monday From the Narrow Desert Why this is hell, nor are we out of it.
Monday From the Narrow Desert The writing's on the wall
Monday Christianity and masculinity Jason Meyer (John Piper’s successor) resigns
Monday WINTERY KNIGHT UK’s government-run NHS healthcare system wants to kill a child against parents’ wishes
Monday Roosh Valizadeh You Must Suffer
Monday Junior Ganymede Sandcastles
Monday Junior Ganymede Two Poems
Monday Vox Popoli Monday AM Arktoons
Monday Vox Popoli When vaxxing makes it worse
Monday William M. Briggs Media Blames Heatwave On Global Warming: I Say Nope
Monday Didactic Mind Monday morning by the power of Greyskull
Monday RORATE CÆLI “Liturgy is not a toy of popes; it is the heritage of the Church” — Very strong statement on Traditionis Custodes by Bp. Rob Mutsaerts (Den Bosch, Netherlands)
Monday Vox Popoli More lethal than Covid
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions How deep do the birdemic lies reach?
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions We need to try and stop our inculcated compulsion of thinking 'causally' - to acknowledge direct knowing

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