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Tuesday Patriactionary Quebec offers extra jab for vakayers headed out
Tuesday Vlad Tepes Computing Forever does a good analysis and bust of the narrative
Tuesday The Z Blog The Journey Home
Tuesday Patriactionary How modern Americans think revolutions work
Tuesday Amerika Critical Race Theory Did Not Divide Us — Diversity Did
Tuesday Isegoria Centenarians had an “iAge” 40 years lower than their actual age
Tuesday Patriactionary Chesterton warned the madness of tomorrow would be much more in Manhattan than Moscow
Tuesday Patriactionary Humour is rayciss!
Tuesday Patriactionary He ain’t goin’ gently into that good night
Tuesday Taki's Magazine The Judas Savior
Tuesday Taki's Magazine Why the Left Can’t Let Go of Jan. 6
Tuesday Patriactionary Their most formidable enemy
Tuesday Vlad Tepes Reader’s Links for July 27, 2021
Tuesday The Unz Review: Mishima: the Last Debate, by Trevor Lynch
Tuesday The Unz Review: The Fauci Protection Team, by Paul Craig Roberts
Tuesday The Unz Review: Is the Tide Finally Turning?, by Philip Giraldi
Tuesday The Unz Review: Why the Left Can't Let Go of Jan. 6, by Pat Buchanan
Tuesday Patriactionary ΑСLU now anti-2А
Tuesday Gates of Vienna Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/26/2021
Tuesday Vlad Tepes Double vaxxed are getting very ill and many are dying: Links 3, July 26, 2021
Monday Arkhaven Site He-Man and Bonfire of the Vanities
Monday Gates of Vienna The Apostasy of Hatun Tash
Monday Patriactionary Aw, sheeit!
Monday Vlad Tepes Canada’s Conservatives are creepy totalitarians, More Covid measures being imposed all over: Links 2, July 26, 2021
Monday Patriactionary How to make simple math hard
Monday Taki's Magazine Superspreading Lies
Monday The Right Stuff TDS774: Cleveland Race Theory
Monday Patriactionary AirstripOne to fasttrack for immigration anyone who graduates from a ‘top global university’
Monday Vlad Tepes Another anti-vaxx leader assassination attempt: Links 1, July 26, 2021
Monday The Right Stuff Prep in the Woods 07/26/2021

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