In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Monday RORATE CÆLI “Liturgy is not a toy of popes; it is the heritage of the Church” — Very strong statement on Traditionis Custodes by Bp. Rob Mutsaerts (Den Bosch, Netherlands)
Monday Vox Popoli More lethal than Covid
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions How deep do the birdemic lies reach?
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions We need to try and stop our inculcated compulsion of thinking 'causally' - to acknowledge direct knowing
Monday Σ Frame Women Crave Male Attention
Monday Adam Piggott All the gear and no idea
Monday From the Narrow Desert Notice of G's recent work on virtue sets
Monday Gornahoor Complexes, Tulpas and Egregores
Monday Francis Berger - Blog The Corporate Person and The Objectives of Long-Term Evil
Sunday Didactic Mind Didactic Mind, Ep 81: There Is No Running
Sunday Dark Brightness The peasants are revolting meme wars
Sunday RORATE CÆLI Sermon for the 9th Sunday after Pentecost: "There is remarkable continuity between the Temple Worship of the Old Testament and the Traditional Mass: We rightly mourn these attacks on our beloved Roman Rite"."
Sunday Vox Popoli Don't smoke your own supply
Sunday Dark Brightness Monday 26 July 2021
Sunday From the Narrow Desert Robin Ware
Sunday Vox Popoli Sunday PM Arktoons
Sunday Didactic Mind Gingervitis treatment
Sunday RORATE CÆLI Sermon for the Feast of St. James, 2021: "We will not abandon the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in the traditional form that we have received from our fathers in the faith!"
Sunday Didactic Mind Sunday Scripture: Paul’s Concern for the Galatians
Sunday RORATE CÆLI “A call to obedience loses its power when the aim is to suppress the traditional form of the liturgy” — Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Sunday Vox Popoli We were warned
Sunday William M. Briggs Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity XIV
Sunday Meeting The Masters Are We in Hell Now?
Sunday Vox Popoli Sunday AM Arktoons
Sunday From the Narrow Desert Corvids singing in the dead of night
Sunday Vox Popoli The French shut it down
Sunday Dark Brightness Music: Will’s twisted list.
Saturday Dark Brightness Sunday Poetry
Saturday Roosh Valizadeh Roosh Hour #67 – Michael Witcoff (Brother Augustine)
Saturday Dark Brightness Sunday 25th August, 2021
Saturday Vox Popoli Saturday PM Arktoons
Saturday RORATE CÆLI Latin Mass Society -- Canonical Notes on the Application of Traditiones Custodes (Guide for Priests and Faithful)
Saturday From the Narrow Desert For daws to peck at
Saturday RORATE CÆLI “Francis: The Pope of Rupture” — Article by Jean-Pierre Maugendre
Saturday Didactic Mind Train CrossShit, lose wars
Saturday Vox Popoli Mailvox: miscarriages skyrocket
Saturday John C. Wright's Journal The Paradox of the Postchristian
Saturday WINTERY KNIGHT William Lane Craig debates Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: evil, suffering and God
Saturday Vox Popoli The possible connection
Saturday Vox Popoli Saturday AM Arktoons
Saturday Vox Popoli Dunning-Kruger meets the Vaxx
Saturday Bruce Charlton's Notions Our 'personal God' - means that every-thing is ultimately personal (including the fate of this world)
Saturday Σ Frame The Recipe for a Meet Cute
Friday The Orthosphere The True West and the One Dark Wing
Friday Dark Brightness Theology post (Late again)
Friday Dark Brightness 24 July 2021: Festung Aoteoroa.
Friday Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Forza Italia Edition
Friday Vox Popoli Friday PM Arktoons
Friday RORATE CÆLI “It is to be hoped that bishops will generously exhaust the legal possibilities of dispensation”—Canon Lawyer Fr. Gero Weishaupt
Friday Edward Feser Pope Francis’s scarlet letter
Friday From the Narrow Desert Please read aloud
Friday Vox Popoli AL governor effectively resigns
Friday Junior Ganymede Germany’s Pedophile Foster Care Progr
Friday WINTERY KNIGHT What happens when we die? Is there a resurrection? Is there a Heaven and a Hell?
Friday From the Narrow Desert We don't care what momma don't 'low, gonna pick that banjo anyhow
Friday Vox Popoli Sports stars won't submit
Friday RORATE CÆLI SSPX Superior-General: We offer all "the certitude that the Traditional Mass will never disappear from the face of the earth."
Friday RORATE CÆLI Hatred for the Mass of the Ages and the Question of Obedience
Friday Vox Popoli Friday AM Arktoons
Friday William M. Briggs Merciless Mercy: On The Motu Proprio — Guest Post by Traditional Priest
Friday Vox Popoli Mailvox: firing physicians
Friday Throne, Altar, Liberty Pallister is Under Attack for All the Wrong Reasons
Friday Bruce Charlton's Notions The future? No idea (except that the end is coming)
Friday Σ Frame On Red Pill Awareness
Friday From the Narrow Desert Silent and spoken prayer
Friday Gornahoor The Empty Man
Thursday RORATE CÆLI Cardinal Raymond L. Burke's Masterful "Statement on the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes"
Thursday Culture Wars Podcast E. Michael Jones on Traditionis Custodes
Thursday Francis Berger - Blog Side Project Update
Thursday Dark Brightness 23 July 2021
Thursday From the Narrow Desert Just how mad can peck madness get?
Thursday RORATE CÆLI “The Old Mass is Good for Catholic Social Teaching”—Article by Stefano Fontana
Thursday Didactic Mind What a man-made daemon looks like
Thursday WINTERY KNIGHT Why are Christians allowed to eat shellfish but not allowed to have sex before marriage?
Thursday Roosh Valizadeh Blacklisted From The Economy
Thursday Junior Ganymede More Wood, Less Fire
Thursday William M. Briggs The Not So Great Reset — Guest Post by Ianto Watt
Thursday RORATE CÆLI Op-Ed: "I am a Catholic, but I cannot be irrational. Bergoglio’s motu proprio asks me to be irrational, and I cannot do that." (Juan Manuel de Prada)
Thursday RORATE CÆLI What are they saying about us? A fisk of Fr Thomas Reese on Traditionis Custodes
Thursday Bruce Charlton's Notions Magic Flute, Rhinegold, Midsummer Marriage - Three magical/ symbolic/ 'Jungian' operas
Thursday Meeting The Masters Who Goes to Hell?
Thursday Bruce Charlton's Notions The masses are not asleep, but stuporous
Thursday Christianity and masculinity Doom and gloom and the amount of marriages: Do you need to be in the top 20% or not
Wednesday Didactic Mind Browse like it’s 1996
Wednesday RORATE CÆLI Can a document based on falsehoods have juridical standing? Can a doubtful law bind?
Wednesday Culture Wars Podcast E. Michael Jones on PressTV: U.S. Afghanistan withdrawal
Wednesday Francis Berger - Blog Brief Blogging Break
Wednesday The Orthosphere Kill Ill: Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s The Visit
Wednesday John C. Wright's Journal Scepter of Nowhere, part 7: My Last Day of Light
Wednesday WINTERY KNIGHT Does the “legacy of slavery” explain black women’s 72% out-of-wedlock birth rate?
Wednesday Didactic Mind Sugoi, Eddie-sama
Wednesday Junior Ganymede Earth’s Glories Pass Away
Wednesday Adam Piggott The Greasy Pole episode 17 – The get yourself a slave episode
Wednesday William M. Briggs The Vatican II Revolution Eats Its Own — Guest Post by Richard Greenhorn
Wednesday Bruce Charlton's Notions Healing 'divided Man'. What would it require?
Wednesday Σ Frame Avoiding the Broken Window Effect

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