In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Creative Minority Report Beto O’Rourke Disgustingly and Obviously Plays Politics with Mass Shooting. So Just Another Day in Beto World.
The Orthosphere An Enacted Curse With Which He Damned the World
Fr. Z's Blog POLL on a BURNING QUESTION REVISITED: The Plural of “Gin & Tonic” – Daily Rome (not) Shot – 506 – bonus video
Thinking Housewife A Pox on Them
Thinking Housewife Hello, Young Lovers — Whoever You are
Creative Minority Report Somewhere Margaret Sanger Smiles
Les Femmes The Empire Strikes Back at AB Cordileone, Or Should I Say THE EMPRESS Strikes Back!
The Eye of the Needle Draghi’s escape plan: will Italy trigger the collapse of the EU?
Thinking Housewife On the Street Where We Live
Thinking Housewife Davos and the Pandemic Treaty
WINTERY KNIGHT National School Board Association wanted Biden to deploy military against parents
Thinking Housewife Robb Elementary School
Thinking Housewife On the Street Where You Live
Creative Minority Report WaPo Mocks “Thoughts and Prayers” with Cartoon Attacking Pro-Lifers.
The 96th Thesis Revisiting Sodom
Mundabor Reality Vs Cocaine
Monster Hunter Nation WriterDojo S2 Episode 21: Pitching & Acquisition
Catacomb Resident What We Can Say about Marriage 01
Vox Popoli SFWA Devours Itself
Vox Popoli Soros Knows He Failed
Les Femmes Why Russia Showed Simulations of a Bomb "Sinking Britain" ("and England Nyet!")
Bruce Charlton In what ways might Men better serve God's purposes in these times, than ever before in history?
Declan’s Newsletter Destiny and Destroying Rome
Barnhardt The Papacy Is…
Meeting The Masters Divine Love
Σ Frame The Lecherous Horndog
Bruce Charlton Did Christianity make the world better?
RORATE CÆLI Event: Rogation Mass and Procession (Bridgeport, CT, May 25)
Les Femmes Archbishop Cordileone Speaks on Abortion and on Nancy Pelosi. God Bless Him!
Voice of Reason Last Crusade 12: The Verity of Beauty
Creative Minority Report Happy Hour 5-24-22
Thinking Housewife The Moralism of the Immoral
Thinking Housewife Ask, and You Shall Receive
Creative Minority Report Pelosi Responds to Abp. Cordileone
One Cʘsmos Because We Said So
Barnhardt A much-needed respite. Men chanting a Marian Antiphon in a gorgeous Italian church, with an “Old Roman” drone. Heaven sounds...
Creative Minority Report This One Weird Trick Can Save Your From Monkeypox
Francis Berger The Two Most Common Sacred Images in Hungarian Homes
Vox Popoli Tuesday Arktoons
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