In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Dark Brightness The traffic lights have only two colours.
Dark Brightness Mesh networks and other joys.
One Cʘsmos Rendezvous with Truth The Errors of Bp. Sanborn
Vox Popoli Monday Arktoons
Dark Brightness 30 November 2021
From the Narrow Desert I'll squash you like a bear!
Vox Popoli Why the Vaccine Nazis are Winning
WINTERY KNIGHT Wisconsin District Attorney John Chisolm and his teacher union wife Colleen
Roosh Valizadeh Stop Cursing Challenge
Vox Popoli Less Human Than Human
Junior Ganymede Revelatory Practical Jokes
Didactic Mind Monday morning with Stefan Zweig
William M. Briggs SUV Christmas Parade Massacre A Rare Propaganda Failure
Mundabor Invincible Ignorance Does Not Save
Catacomb Resident Racial Boundaries
From the Narrow Desert John, the Bear Witness
Σ Frame No More Mrs. Hot Mess!
Vox Popoli That Sounds… Familiar
Adam Piggott Not this vaccine, not any vaccine
From the Narrow Desert Agents and gangs
Full Metal Patriarch Refuting Sheila Gregoire’s Assertion That “Deprive is not the same as refuse”
Vox Popoli Verdict: Not Unfair
Dark Brightness 29th November 2021
Didactic Mind Let there be carnage

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