In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Bruce Charlton 4-Dimensional Chess planning and analysis in politics is just a variant on The Boromir Strategy (hence is always evil)
Σ Frame Red Pill Cults [C]
From the Narrow Desert For whatever it's worth, the Tarot deck predicts a Kamala "win" this November
Orthosphere Sloped Roof Excuses & Their Sequelae I had no Idea this existed
From the Narrow Desert Google News: Last week’s headlines, today
Les Femmes Sunday Meditation: Family Matters
Essays in Idleness Ice cream
Secret Fire In my beginning is my end ... Farmwork, Farmers, and Warriors Farmwork, Farmers, and Warriors
Didactic Mind Between the Dummy and the Derp State
Vox Popoli China Takes a Victory Lap
Orthosphere Complicity is a Point on the Spectrum of Incompetence
GunnerQ Big Toes Of the Mosaic Law
Francis Berger Let's All Get Really Optimistic About the System!
Francis Berger ​The Worst Lies Are the Ones We Tell Ourselves
Fr. Z's Blog ASK FATHER: Home Chapel How To’s – consecrated chalice and paten? Wherein Fr. Z rants
To Reclaim Normality Sleepy Joe Drops Out Of The Race
Sigma Game Gammas Defending Gaiman
From the Narrow Desert Tinbad is Sartre
Vox Popoli Biden Drops Out
Barnhardt Well… BYE.
Fr. Z's Blog Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 9th Sunday after Pentecost (N.O.: 16th) 2024
Fr. Z's Blog Daily (Venice) Shot(s) 1083 – Feast of the Redeemer
non veni pacem ACTION ITEM: Murder in a Texas Town
One Cʘsmos Christ is Adequate Enough For Me
From the Narrow Desert Humpty Dumpty: After the Fall
Cesare Sacchetti The Austin Wealth Fund (BlackRock) that bet million of dollars against Trump Media: did Wall Street take part in the plot to kill Trump?
WINTERY KNIGHT New survey: high school boys twice as likely to be conservative than girls
Didactic Mind Sunday Scripture: Famine, Sword, and Death
Vox Popoli Adidas Endorses Gazacaust
Radix Fidem Blog Cyber Threats Increasing
Identity Dixie Political Violence is as American as Apple Pie
Vox Popoli I Think We Know This One
Abbey of Misrule Lorrha Stories
Bruce Charlton Late blooming talent
OnePeterFive Diebus Saltem Dominicis – 9th Sunday after Pentecost: Jesus weeps
Bayou Renaissance Man Sunday morning music
non veni pacem How dare you question the ponytail brigade!!
Radix Fidem Blog NT Doctrine — Titus 1
Vox Popoli Speaking of Cancellations
One Cʘsmos Exoterism is to Esoterism as Form is to Substance?
Vox Popoli When Puppies Become Wolves
Identity Dixie Conflict in the Cards?
WINTERY KNIGHT Utilitarianism and the Moral Life by J. P. Moreland
Complicit Clergy WATCH: Does This Look Catholic To You?

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