In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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non veni pacem ICYMI: This man is going to Federal prison over a meme
Brian Niemeier Simpathy for the Devil?
Vox Popoli Tuesday Arktoons Just a few memes to make you think
Didactic Mind The Putin Plan for Banderastan
Kirk Durston The Woman Who was My Spiritual Mentor
John C. Wright Today’s Headline, Babylon Bee
Remnant Newspaper Why Francis Is Attempting to Cancel Cardinal Burke
Creative Minority Report Pope Francis Punishes his “Enemy.”
Bruce Charlton Milking Newcastle - A latter-day Drones Club stunt
The Orthosphere Christian Reconquista: Retaking the Mainline Denominations
Thinking Housewife Motherhood, Today vs. Yesterday
One Cʘsmos How to Be Stupid Forever
Vox Popoli The Internet isn’t Dead
The Orthosphere A Sign of the Times
Thinking Housewife Multiculturalism Is Totalitarian
The Abbey of Misrule The Monthly Salon: November
Aaron Renn The Draw of Eastern Orthodoxy
RORATE CÆLI "Slandered Priests, Canceled Priests" - by Abp. Héctor Agüer: Why Does Francis Hate Good Priests?
Transformed Wife Only True Godly Women Will Love This Post
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 866
WINTERY KNIGHT Study: sentences are 63% more severe for men than for women
Fr. Z's Blog ONLINE COURSE: The Catholic Heart of St. John Henry Newman
Essays in Idleness Privileged speech
Rev. Matt's Writings A Foundational Policy
Creative Minority Report Christian Persecution and the Coming War.
Vox Popoli Literally Fake Media
Bayou Renaissance Man “If all money becomes worthless, then so does all government, and all society, and all standards”
Identity Dixie Taking to the Streets: European Edition
William M. Briggs Can You Get A Singularity When AI = Automated Instructions?
Barnhardt Stickypost: Mazza Advent Mini-mester begins Sunday – “The Third Secret of Fatima and the FrancisChurch
Catacomb Resident The Big Surprise
OnePeterFive The Pope Cannot Depose Bishops Without Grave Cause
Junior Ganymede Resenting Peace
From the Narrow Desert Sometimes a banana is just a banana -- right?
Bayou Renaissance Man Security alert: there are questions about Apple's new NameDrop feature
Bruce Charlton Analyzing "what women do" is... what *women* do: Hospital Society signs of maladaptive mutation accumulation?
Σ Frame Where Shame Tactics become Witchcraft
Bayou Renaissance Man Neil Oliver hits another one out of the park
Vox Popoli Monday Arktoons
GunnerQ’s Substack Surf City Refuses To Self-Identify As Autistic
John C. Wright Faith and Blind Faith
Creative Minority Report Pope Francis Calls Cardinal Burke his “Enemy” and is Set to Remove his Salary and Apartment.
Thinking Housewife The “Mass Shooting” Grift
Francis Berger Hope is the Antidote to Despair, But It Can Also Be a Double-Edged Sword
John C. Wright Lost on Sale
Thinking Housewife When White Supremacists Sing
Thinking Housewife U.K. Immigration in a Graph

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