In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Trees and Triads The City of Earthly Desire
From the Narrow Desert Every man and every woman is an ape
WINTERY KNIGHT William Lane Craig debates Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: evil, suffering and God
RORATE CÆLI Learn Latin this Summer!
Rev. Matt's Writings Say the Words, “I Am Sorry.”
Barnhardt If you think that nothing like the CovidScam could ever happen again, let me disabuse you of that misconception…
Essays in Idleness Understanding newspeak
Identity Dixie Putting Trump’s Conviction in Historical Perspective
Vox Popoli She’s Not Dead After All
Les Femmes COVID Jabs are the Grim Reaper's Gift that Keeps on Giving!
Σ Frame The Manosphere Blogger’s Prayer The Move to Patriarchy
Bayou Renaissance Man No Snippet today Burning pedophiles at the stake needs to become law again
Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Quiet Moments Edition
Orthosphere For They Mouth Empty, Boastful Words
Barnhardt Sweet Respite: Eddie Rabbitt, “I Love a Rainy Night”
OnePeterFive Russia: No ‘Alphabet’ Content for those who Learn ABC with Duolingo
Didactic Mind The Neo-Tsar’s gambit
From the Narrow Desert Go to the window; it’s dark but clear
Brian Niemeier The Vampire of the Amazon
Junior Ganymede The Firm Foundation
One Cʘsmos The Final Solution to Existential Stupidity
Vox Popoli Pride and prejudice sold out
Les Femmes Thought for the Day: Gardens Can Remind us of Eden and of Paradise
Remnant Newspaper America on Trial
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1049
WINTERY KNIGHT What can we learn about communist leaders from the record of history?
First Things Notes on Walking
Rev. Matt's Writings The Keys
Vox Popoli The Rehabilitation of a Pedo
Fr. Z's Blog 14 June – Elisha, Old Testament Prophet: This bears attention!
Thinking Housewife Golden Boy
non veni pacem How to make reparation for your sins and those you love
Transformed Wife The Grave Trouble With Women’s Conferences
Essays in Idleness Ajummas
Aaron Renn The New Polarizations
Vox Popoli A Narrative Fail
Bayou Renaissance Man So much for Pride Month!
Sigma Game The Enlightenment of the High-Status Man
Radix Fidem Blog Wolf and Shepherd
Identity Dixie Soothing Stereotypes
Catacomb Resident Heiser Was Western to the Core
From the Narrow Desert Stink Gorilla More
Bayou Renaissance Man Venezuela: will it go to war to avoid internal collapse?
Secret Fire The Sacred Wheels of History
Mundabor Meet The Family From Hell
Throne, Altar, Liberty Pride and Lust

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