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Straightline Logic One Step Away From the Biggest Oil Shock in History, by Nick Giambruno
Gateway Pundit Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Blames City’s Illegal Immigrant Crisis on ‘Right Wing Extremism’ (VIDEO)
Gates of Vienna The Bankruptcy of the Constitutional State
Simplicius Subscriber Mailbag Extravaganza!: Answers - 11/28/23 [Part 1]
Straightline Logic Is Dublin Burning? By Declan Hayes
RAIR Yemeni Houthi Fighters March Toward Israeli Border, Seek Saudi Approval for Passage (Video)
Patriactionary NuWuFluBugulu
Straightline Logic Eulogy for the COVID Kapos, by Margaret Anna Alice
Patriactionary They really want blowback, don’t they
Patriactionary The newest ‘Covington kid’ up for Two Minutes’ Hate
Straightline Logic “Slower EV Adoption” . . . by Eric Peters
Patriactionary The wages of imperialism
Straightline Logic PATRICK LAWRENCE: Media’s Fatal Compromises
Straightline Logic War Is Not Abstracted Anymore, by Caitlin Johnstone
Gateway Pundit Top Journalism School Wants Taxpayers to Fund Reporters and Dying Media Outlets
Gates of Vienna A Room With a View
Straightline Logic What Happens When Millions of Renters Can No Longer Afford High Rents and Move Back Home? By Charles Hugh Smith
Larry Johnson: SONAR Israel’s PR Problem Is Summed Up in One Man — Itamar Ben-Gvir
Gateway Pundit Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Now Living at San Diego Airport as California Runs Out of Places to Put People (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit Socialist Actress Cynthia Nixon Joins Hunger Strike Outside the White House Demanding Ceasefire in Gaza (VIDEO)
Straightline Logic The Old and New Nakba: Forced Expulsion of Palestinians Must Be Rejected, by Ramzy Baroud
Straightline Logic Manpower Now Ukraine’s Biggest Problem As Checkpoints Cast Dragnet For Conscripts, by Tyler Durden
Straightline Logic The Financial System Has Reached the End, by Egon von Greyerz
Gateway Pundit After Defaming Child with Deceptive ‘Blackface’ Photo, Deadspin Writer Deletes Deranged Tweet Doubling Down
American Greatness Tide is Starting to Turn Against Liberal Attack Group ‘Media Matters’
Gateway Pundit NFSC Movement Speaks Out Despite Xi Jinping’s Efforts to Muzzle Dissent
imetatronink How to Lose A Carrier Strike Group in An Afternoon
Larry Johnson: SONAR Ukraine Retreats From Key Areas in Donetsk While Kiev is Wracked with Growing Turmoil
Gateway Pundit Bidenomics: Granite City Steel Shuts Down Plant in Illinois After it Was Reopened Under Donald Trump
Gates of Vienna Change Your Sex Like You Change Your Clothes
Gateway Pundit Michigan’s Democrat Governor Whitmer Signs Legislation That Sets 100% ‘Clean Energy’ Standard for State by 2040
Anon Conservative Surveillance Detection – Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, And Ben Affleck’s Pizza Run
Gateway Pundit Globalist Pope Targets Another American Conservative Prelate – Cardinal Burke Is the Highest-Ranking Francis Critic in the Church
Gateway Pundit Wild Ride: 12-Year-Old in Michigan Leads Hour-Long Low-Speed Police Chase in Stolen Forklift — Hits 10 Parked Cars and Knocks Down Signs (VIDEO)
Western Journal Utah State QB Leaves College Football to Become Navy SEAL: 'This Is Where God's Calling Me'
Vlad Tepes All items on the communist revolution in Canada and Alberta’s push-back: Links post 1 for November 28th, 2023
Racket News "Anti-Disinformation" Is a Partisan Con
Liberty's Torch Will the Left Stop With Pogroms, or Will They Go All the Way to a Final Solution?
Western Journal Homeless Man Accused of Ruining Paul Revere's Tombstone During 'One-Man Crime Spree'
Gateway Pundit Deutsche Bank May Have Just Destroyed Letitia James’ Civil Fraud Case Against Trump
Gateway Pundit Explosive Report: US and UK Military Contractors Launched Initial Censorship Group that Later Morphed into the Censorship Industrial Complex After 2016 Trump Election
American Greatness High Winds Knock Over National Christmas Tree
Whiskey Tango Texas Jewish Noahide Laws And You
Western Journal Pastor Holding 'Santa Is Fake Jesus Is Real' Sign at School Drop-Off Gets Attacked
Gateway Pundit National Christmas Tree Falls Over Near White House Two Days Before Biden is Set to Light
Western Journal PepsiCo Announces It's Changing Lay's Potato Chip Formula to Meet World Health Organization Standards
Arkhaven Site Bob’s Bomb Factory 
Occidental Observer Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) als kontrollierte Opposition
Gateway Pundit JUST IN: Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia Introduces Resolution to Expel George Santos From Congress – Santos Responds with Fire! (VIDEO)
AmRen The X Files: Pale Monsters Edition
AmRen To Shrink Learning Gap, This District Offers Classes Separated by Race
AmRen NYC’s Migrant Programs Are Collapsing as Border Crosser Numbers Explode
AmRen Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks to Stop Government From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community
AmRen DC Tops 900 Carjackings for Year on Thanksgiving Day
AmRen Border Patrol Takes Drastic Action as Thousands of Immigrants Illegally Enter Tucson Daily
Gateway Pundit WATCH: Black Lives Matter Leader Sees the Light and Reveals Why He is Backing Donald Trump for President Next Year
Western Journal Nightmare Hits Family-Owned Business, But Owners Praise God and Stand Firm in Their Faith
Gateway Pundit Police Beat The Hell Out Of Innocent J6 Protesters And They Face Years In Prison. The Left Riots, Sues Police For ‘Excessive Force’ And Wins Millions.
Western Journal AOC's Attack on Aid to Israel Looks Even Worse in Light of What She Said 4 Years Ago
Gateway Pundit “Try and Avoid Connecting Crime with Migration. It’s Not Right” – Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Scolds Irishmen After Algerian Stabs Children in Dublin (VIDEO)
The New Neo Hostage psychology
RAIR Belgian Iranian MP's Urgent Wake-Up Call: 'Silencing Critics of Islam is on the Rise, Never Imagined One Could be Imprisoned in the West for the Same Reason'
Western Journal Washington Post CEO Warns Employees Layoffs Are Coming Soon if More of Them Don't Voluntarily Quit
Gateway Pundit President Trump’s Latest “Motion to Compel Discovery” Exposes Foreign Interference in 2020 Election in “One of the Worst Cybersecurity Incidents in History”
TRS Mike & Tony
War Room Episode 3207: Ireland Fighting Back Against Globalist Agenda
War Room Episode 3206: Information Warfare In Mainstream Media; Updates On The Hostage Situation In Gaza
Western Journal Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One
WRSA Gates Swings And Misses…
According To Hoyt Mushy
Gateway Pundit National Legal and Policy Center Attorney Paul Kamenar Discusses Trump’s DC Gag Order Appeal Hearing and Persecution of J6 Prisoners in Lawless DC Courts
WRSA Macgregor Sends
Larry Johnson: SONAR Adrift on a sea of delusions
Gateway Pundit Leftist Ghouls Attack Melania Trump For Wearing Dark Grey Tweed Coat to Rosalynn Carter’s Funeral
Darwinian Conservatism Woman the Hunter? But Not Predominantly?
Unreported Truths L'etat, c'est Pfizer
Amerika DiversityWatch (November 28, 2023)
Gateway Pundit SHOCK REPORT: Biden Admin Is Spending $451 BILLION a Year to Pay for Illegal Alien and Asylum Seeker Benefits (VIDEO)
Western Journal Attorneys General Call Out Biden Admin Plan That Would Effectively Ban Christians from Fostering Children
Political Refugee Ukraine Peace Negotiation proposal by Professor Dr. Peter Brandt, Professor Dr. Hajo Funke, General (ret.) Harald Kujat and Professor Dr.
War Room Yoram Hazony: “Not All Immigrant Populations Are The Same.”
The New Neo Trump’s lead: what does it mean?
Western Journal 15-Year-Old Killed in High School Brawl Caught on Camera, Suspect Arrested
Gateway Pundit Pro-Palestine Protesters Stage Rally Outside Rosalynn Carter’s Memorial Service (VIDEO)

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