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Gateway Pundit “NO”: Rep. Nancy Mace Eviscerates Biden-McCarthy Debt Ceiling Deal, “Republicans got outsmarted by a President who can’t find his pants”
Orphans of Liberty It’s not just us noticing, is it?
Gateway Pundit LIVE NOW: House Freedom Caucus Members Criticize the Debt Ceiling Deal
According To Hoyt Stock Up Now for Galt Month By Overgrown Hobbit
South Front Meta And Privacy: The Economy Of Data Transgressions
War Room The GOP Must Force Speaker McCarthy to Pass His Debt Limit Deal with Democrat Votes
War Room “Entire Capitulation”: Rep. Dan Bishop on McCarthy’s “Laughable” Debt Limit Deal with Biden
Gateway Pundit Belarus President Announces “There Will be Nuclear Weapons For Everyone” Who Join Union Between Russia and Belarus
Gateway Pundit Coup-Plotter James Comey on Donald Trump: “I Think He Poses a Near Existential Threat to the Rule of Law” (VIDEO)
Freddie deBoer Book Club, Beloved: Introduction
Aaron Renn Why Conservative Boycotts Don't Work - And Why the Bud Light One Did
Patriactionary Excuses, excuses…
Gateway Pundit McCarthy Has Final Message for FBI Director Wray: Turn Over Biden Bribery Scheme Document Or Face Contempt Charges (VIDEO)
Patriactionary Wage culture war back
South Front 2 Patriot Systems, 29 Storm Shadow Missiles, Headquarters Of Military Intelligence in Kiev: Russia Assessed Ukrainian Losses
American Partisan Gear Chat – LBE & Chest Rigs
Gateway Pundit President Trump: “On Day One of My New Term in Office — I Will Sign an Executive Order Ending Automatic Citizenship For Children of Illegal Aliens” (Video)
American Partisan What Does Erdogan’s Reelection Mean For The New Cold War?
South Front Military Situation In Ukraine On May 30, 2023 (Map Update)
Nourishing Obscurity Try these
Patriactionary Fеmаӏе ӏаwyers versus ruӏе of ӏаԝ
South Front Supposed Russophobic Statements By US Senator Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
Eugyppius On Wokeness, Its Nature, and Its Prospects
American Partisan Dozens of NATO peacekeepers injured during clashes in northern Kosovo
Overcoming Bias Is Discrimination About Inequality?
American Partisan Shortened 30m Dipole
American Partisan David Tice – The Power Grid Blackout / America’s WORST Enemy Could Attack Any Moment | SRS #60
American Partisan China Abruptly Shuts Down Pentagon Request For High-Level Defense Meeting
Lotus Eaters Podcast The UK is a Soviet State
Nourishing Obscurity Some strange instruments
Gateway Pundit Memorial Day Shocker: New York Mayor Eric Adams Denounces Communism and Socialism, Issues Stirring Call to Young Americans to Embrace Patriotism
2nd Smartest Guy ESG Anti-Human Scam: "Force Behaviors"
natsab Interview with Bro. Michael Israel of StraitWay
Patriactionary A cross taken from a Nagasaki cathedral after the atomic bombing gets returned 74 years later
Moon of Alabama Drones Strikes In Moscow - Missile Strikes In Ukraine
Racket News A Brief Note on Writing
Isegoria The society we live in may aptly be described as a “consultocracy”
Counter-Currents The Union Jackal, May 2023
South Front Moscow Might Cut All Ties With London Over UK’s Rabid Russophobic Hostility
South Front Sandu Targets Media Freedom In Moldova With New Censorship Institution
Gateway Pundit DC Water Possibly Contaminated Officials Issue “Boil Water Advisory”
Gateway Pundit Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? Over Two Dozen Suspected ‘Ukrainian’ Kamikaze Drones Hit Wealthy Moscow Region Within “Earshot” of Putin’s Official Residence – Several Injuries Reported (VIDEO)
Eric Peters Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 05/30/2023
Gateway Pundit Mass. State Police Union “Disgusted with the Violence and Unlawful Behavior” After Memorial Day Weekend Shootings and Massive Fights at Revere Beach (VIDEO)
Summit News He Didn’t See This Coming
Counter-Currents Biden and Bibi
Robert Malone MD Are Independent Nation-States Obsolete?
Animal Magnetism Goodbye, Blue… Tuesday
The New Neo Open thread 5/30/23
Gateway Pundit Military Furry Couple Posts Shot from Inside Military Plane and Wearing Furry Fetish in Flight Suit
Gateway Pundit Marines Brutally Assaulted by Over 30 ‘Teens’ at California Beach (VIDEO)
Counter-Currents Forward with a Vengeance
Nourishing Obscurity Tuesday [12]
Founding Questions What is Leftism? (and what to call it?)
Gateway Pundit The Regime Is Terrified of Robert Kennedy Jr. Who Is Polling Higher than DeSantis but Ignored by Liberal Pollsters – RFK Jr. Speaks Out (VIDEO)
The Upheaval Subscriber Commentary & Review Thread (#15)
Gateway Pundit Disneyland Hires Man In Dress to Greet Little Girls At Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique
Gateway Pundit Target VP of Brand Management Is Board Member of GLSEN – A Radical LGBTQ Group That Promotes Grooming Pornography and Filth in Classrooms
The Z Man The Future Of Fed Plenty
WRSA Tuesday Edition
Counter-Currents Notes on Strauss & Husserl
Daily Stormer Another College Bans the Word “Field” Because Slavery or Something
Gateway Pundit Chicago Pride Event Will Feature ‘Drag Dress-up and Makeovers’ for Children — Sponsored By Lululemon
Unz: Steve Sailer Has Anybody Found Poor Julian Sands' Body Yet?, by Steve Sailer
American Greatness Target’s Marketing VP also Works for Organization Pushing Transgender Agenda in Schools
American Greatness DHS Warns of ‘Heightened Threat’ of Attacks on Churches and Cops Ahead of 2024 Election
American Greatness Dodgers to Host ‘Christian Faith and Family Day’ Amid Drag Queen Backlash
Gateway Pundit Ukraine’s Promised Spring Offensive Ain’t D-Day
Daily Stormer North Dakota: School District Vows to Continue Secretly Trannifying Kids Despite Law Banning It
Daily Stormer Uganda: Based President Signs Based Anti-Faggot Law
Daily Stormer Australia: Government Takes Over Catholic Hospital for Opposing Baby Killing, Euthanasia
Daily Stormer NATO Troops Waging War Against Kosovo Serbs
Daily Stormer Wacky Hohols Now Flying Drones Into Random Buildings in Moscow!
Amerika Forward Into the Mist
Liberty's Torch Memorial Day 2023
Lotus Eaters Podcast The Reckoning
Daily Stormer New York City Officially Bans Discrimination Against Fat People
Anon Conservative News Briefs – 05/30/2023
Paul Craig Roberts Kash Patel: Durham Failed. With No Real Accountability, the Russiagate Playbook Will Be Repeated Again and Again
Paul Craig Roberts The Extreme, Total Criminality of the Entire Biden Regime is Apparent
Paul Craig Roberts John Durham Bent a Knee to the DOJ and Held Back His Investigation to Embarrassment, Not Indictment, of FBI’s Criminal Actions
Paul Craig Roberts FBI Whistleblowers Reveal Shocking Facts About FBI Disrespect of Law and Its Own Rules
South Front Kiev’s Revenge: Ukrainian UAVs Targeted Moscow
Paul Craig Roberts The Biden Regime escalates its attack on truth-tellers

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