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Samizdata Why Stalin giving a hockey player a house the other day was not as nice as it seemed
Occidental Observer Os nacionalistas brancos não querem a onda vermelha
Chris Hedges Listen to this Article: "Reading Proust in War"
Andrei Martyanov About Timing...
Summit News Morrissey: Diversity is Conformity
Gateway Pundit Breaking: FEDERAL JUDGE TO DOJ: Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki WILL BE DEPOSED – Details Below
Unz: Jung-Freud The Lost Connective Links of Our Decadent & Degenerate Society, by Jung-Freud
Summit News The Shocking Results of the Census
Gateway Pundit EU Threatens Musk With Twitter Ban
The New Neo Apple and the China riots
Gateway Pundit Joe Biden: “No One’s Ever Done as Much as President as This Administration is Doing. Period.” (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit Joe Biden Mistakenly Believes He’s Being Heckled at White House Nations Tribal Summit (VIDEO)
The Dave Cullen Show My Thoughts on The Batman (2022) Spoilers
Nourishing Obscurity Wednesday [21 till close of play]
Daily Stormer Germany Demands Russia Pay Them Because They Failed to Deliver Gas After Pipes Were Bombed
Alexander Mercouris Crisis for Ukraine in Bakhmut as Russia Captures Settlements, NYT Admits Heavy Ukraine Losses
Daily Stormer Destiny Finally Denounces the Jews as Global Controllers
AmRen The Fight for Free Speech Is a Fight for Civilization
Alexander Mercouris Russia Prepares Winter Offensive, West Runs out of Ammunition & Weapons, Ukraine out of Power & Time
American Partisan Guerrilla Clinic Basics, OPQRST
Daily Stormer Democrats Make Stone-Cold Negro the House Leader
Tree of Woe Nerd Among the Ruins, Part II
War Room Battleground EP 188: Accountability During The Lame Duck; China/Russia Owns World’s Energy
War Room Episode 2337: The False Certification In Arizona; Is The US Government In Business With The Cartels
War Room Episode 2336: The US economy And The Dangers Of China
War Room Episode 2335: Continued Forced Vaccine On The Middle Class; The Lies Of The Arizona Election
Vignoble Saker The Global South births a new game-changing payment system
Eric Peters Going No Faster – in Cars That Can, Safely . . .
Irish Savant WP The Balenciaga unravelling
AmRen Sweden Seeks to Revoke Permanent Residency Permits in Migrant Crackdown
AmRen Migrant Politician Has Rocky Start in Italian Parliament
AmRen ‘Kick Non-Woke Patients to the Curb’? Mass General Brigham Speech Code Includes Blacklist on Care
AmRen Daylight Saving Time Sheds Light on Lack of Sleep’s Disproportionate Impact in Communities of Color
AmRen Backers of Farmworker Visa Overhaul Make Year-End Push for Immigrant Labor Deal
American Partisan Unredacted Fauci Emails Finally Reveal the Shocking Truth
Nourishing Obscurity Midweek Minstrel Matinee
War Room The End Of Inflation Signals The Start Of Recession: Slowing Inflation And Job Reports In The United States Indicate Incoming Economic Downturn, Steve Cortes Reports
Counter-Currents Fear & Coding: An Idiot’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
TRS Slice of Life Prep 11-30-22
War Room Ronna McDaniel Failed: Republican Counties in Georgia Had No Contingency Plan For Early Voting
American Partisan Who Is Killing The Crypto Millionaires?
Rintrah The radical notion that Chinese people are not stupid
According To Hoyt House Repair Triage a guest post by Heroditus Huxley
Freddie deBoer Book Club: Jesus' Son, "Work"
Jon Del Arroz Elon Takes On APPLE For Anti-Competitive Practices After THREATS To Remove TWITTER From App Store!
Counter-Currents Dark Days for the Kremlin
Eugyppius The Covidification of Influenza
Moon of Alabama Ukraine Open Thread 2022-213
Moon of Alabama Open (Not Ukraine) Thread 2022-212
Founding Questions Discussion Thread: Rainbow Flags Etc.
American Partisan On Rifle Slings by Mike VonSteuben
Patriactionary Singapore repeals gay sex ban but limits prospect of legalising same-sex marriage
Anon Conservative Surveillance Detection – The Professional Course Of Real Life Experience – Part Twelve, Preparing The Murder Of Irah Sok
Nourishing Obscurity Wednesday [19 and 20]
Grey Goose Chronicles A Thank-you To My Subscribers
Liberty's Torch The Triad, The Dyad, And The Monad
War Room Fauci Taps Wuhan Institute Of Virology’s ‘Longtime’ Gain-Of-Function Research Partner Advising People How To ‘Make Money’ Off Pandemics To Run Pandemic Drug Development Network.
Vlad Tepes Premier Danielle Smith unveils Alberta sovereignty within United Canada act
The New Neo Open thread 11/30/22
WRSA Wilder: There Is A Choice
Counter-Currents Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 507 The Best Month Ever on The Writers’ Bloc with Anthony Bavaria
Animal Magnetism Vacation Totty III
WRSA On Rifle Slings
Founding Questions The Dark Side of Scholarly Publishing (Guest Post by MBlanc46)
Robert Malone MD Worldwide COVID-19 Religious Restrictions
WRSA Wednesday Edition
Summit News Videos: Tanks Deployed On Streets In China Amid Massive Protests
Reactionary Feminist Prison Pod Cities and Killer Robots
Nourishing Obscurity Wednesday [18]
2nd Smartest Guy ‘Gold Standard’ Scientific Trial Deals Massive Blow to N95 and Surgical Masks as Way to ‘Stop Covid’
The Other McCain Crime Scene: Atlanta
Vlad Tepes EU asks for motion to redo Berlin election, the FBI Geofence dragnet and more: Links 1, November 30, 2022
American Partisan The Trust: A Warning for the Modern Patriot, by Crusoe
Vlad Tepes Tucker Carlson for November 29th, 2022
Paul Craig Roberts The economic outlook is just another manipulation
Paul Craig Roberts Former prosecutor tells off election officials for stealing election
Paul Craig Roberts Hollywood Is Doing Everything Possible to Replace Good with Evil
Paul Craig Roberts Christian Civilization Collapses
Paul Craig Roberts Do  not  fly jetblue
Paul Craig Roberts CNN Says Elon Musk Threatens Free Speech by Allowing People to Have Free Speech
Summit News NY Times Claims Balenciaga Pedo Scandal Is QAnon Conspiracy Theory
2nd Smartest Guy Micro-Clotting: One of the Primary Lifespan Decreasing DEATHVAX™ Vectors
Moon of Alabama More On The Crypto Scam - "There's A Sucker Born Every Minute."

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