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Anon Conservative 03/21/2023
Vox Popoli Plot Twist Russia coordinating four-way meeting with Turkish, Syrian, Iranian officials
Nourishing Obscurity Tuesday [5 to 8]
American Greatness Morning Greatness: Biden Signs Measure Nullifying DC Criminal Code Revisions
Les Femmes Guest Post: The Forgotten Message of Jesus to Sr. Lucy
Unz: Steve Sailer Another Reason Behind the Rise of Wokeness: The Failure of No Child Left Behind, by Steve Sailer
Liberty's Torch Small Update on East Palestine
Nourishing Obscurity Tuesday [2 to 4]
Taki's Magazine A Smear of Cole, a Schmear of Truth Israeli official under fire for violating Jordan peace treaty, anti-Palestinian tirade
Bruce Charlton My answer to relativism
Taki's Magazine Michigan Is Headed Back to Rust Belt Poverty
Mundabor Meet The New Pandas
Political Refugee The real story is the Chinese story
Political Refugee Trump: 'The greatest threat to Western civilisation today is not Russia. It's probably more than anything else ourselves'
Bruce Charlton Why do I continue to use Rudolf Steiner's terminology (e.g. Luciferic, Ahrimanic, Sorathic) despite that I have modified the meanings?
Fahrenheit211 195 days and counting.
Accepting Ignorance Moldbug Goes Full Postmodernist
Rev. Matt's Writings Kicking The Can Down The Road
Patriactionary On Irish neutrality during WWII, and governments’ obligations to their people
The Dave Cullen Show The Problem with Mystery Box Storytelling
Alexander Mercouris Russia Big Gains Bakhmut, UK MoD Alarmed Avdeevka; West Stakes All Kiev Offensive; Xi Jinping Moscow
Daily Stormer Vagina Lobby Gimps AI GFs to Maintain Monopoly on Regulation of Male Sexuality
Patriactionary No; not good enough
Dissecting Leftism Dissecting Leftism
Patriactionary Any non-prog POV is ‘misinfo’, doncha know…
Patriactionary In a way, Pippi’s honorary theology degree indeed makes sense
Patriactionary 20 years ago, evanjellyfish neo-cons were in favour of Dubya’s war which destabilized Iraq, gave rise to ISIS, and thus threatened Christians over there, so they remain consistent in their wickedness and stupidity
Unz: Steve Sailer Is Trump Going to be Arrested?, by Steve Sailer
Daily Stormer John Bolton Stands on Principles, Says ICC is Illegitimate
Daily Stormer IPCC Delivers Final Final Warning: Act Now or You Will Change Along with the Climate
Andrei Martyanov Same As With "Iranian" Drones.
The Orthosphere The Vipers Are Now in Charge
Vlad Tepes Reader’s Links for March 21, 2023
Lew Rockwell Are Bank Failures a Sign of More Trouble Ahead?
Lew Rockwell The Rise of Tyranny in the United States and the Western World
Lew Rockwell ‘True Stories … Could Fuel Hesitancy’: Stanford Project Worked to Censor Even True Stories on Social Media
Lew Rockwell Operation Babylift and the Hypocrisy of the International Criminal Court
Lew Rockwell Empire-Funded Think Tanks Are Not Valid Sources
Lew Rockwell ‘A Total fiasco in All Aspects’: 20 Years on, How the Illegal Invasion of Iraq Backfired on the US
Lew Rockwell Deficit Hawk Hypocrites and Warmongers Unite, Apparently Hoping to Start WWIII
Lew Rockwell The Biggest Covid Question: What Will Happen in 10 years?
Lew Rockwell This Has Got To Stop
Lew Rockwell The Pledge of Allegiance and Government Schools
Lew Rockwell ‘Driving’…
Lew Rockwell Chalcedon: The Aftermath
Bayou Renaissance Man Heh
Unz: Philip Giraldi Send in the Clowns, by Philip Giraldi
Fr. Z's Blog LENTCAzT 2023 – 28: Tuesday 4th Week – “What abundance! What generosity!”
Unz: Jung-Freud Holodolatry(Or Holocaust-Idolatry) Needs to be Countered with Holo-Correction and Holo-Context, by Jung-Freud
Straightline Logic 4D Chess: Trump Reveals He Preemptively Pardoned Himself Before Leaving Office
Gates of Vienna Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/20/2023
Straightline Logic The ‘Stealth Pivot’, by Bill Bonner
Straightline Logic IRAQ 20 YEARS: Chris Hedges — The Lords of Chaos
Straightline Logic The Biggest COVID Question: What Will Happen in 10 years? By Dr. Joseph Mercola
Straightline Logic Pfizer, CDC Withheld Evidence of Myocarditis After COVID Shots, New Documents Reveal, by Michael Nevradakis
Straightline Logic This Has Got to Stop, by James Howard Kunstler
American Greatness Donald Trump, Regime Foe
American Greatness The Waste of Our Ignorant Age
American Greatness A Feared Repeat
American Greatness Stop Writing the Left’s Talking Points
American Greatness Wisconsin Is the Most Important Race in the Country in 2023
American Greatness The Death of Dissent
Straightline Logic Don’t F’ With Putin, by Seymour Hersh
Straightline Logic Washington Is the Midwife to the Birth of Any China‐​Russia Alliance, by Ted Galen Carpenter
Gates of Vienna Swedish Court: Police Went Too Far When They Prevented a Koran-Burning
Gateway Pundit “It Felt Like a Jeb Bush Sort of Scott Walker Cheap Shot” – Pete Hegseth ON FIRE: Blasts Ron DeSantis Over His Swipe Against Trump (VIDEO)
Bitter Centurion How it feels
WRSA SLL: “This Is It!” – Von Greyerz Tells All
According To Hoyt Equity or the Hundred Thousand Dollar Egg
Come and Make It Sri Lanka Enslavement
WRSA MacGregor’s Latest
Larry Johnson: SONAR Why China Needs Russia — Andrei Martyanov Explains
Straightline Logic 20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Will the Media’s Complicity Be Flushed Down the Memory Hole? By Jeremy Erp
Gateway Pundit FL Woman Suing Eye Drop Company After Product Allegedly Caused Rare Bacterial Infection and Loss of Vision
Straightline Logic “The New Normal”: New York To Lower Math And English Proficiency Standards Due To Poor Test Result, by Jonathan Turley
Gateway Pundit Prayer Call with President Trump Gets Shut Down 5 Minutes After President Trump Calls In – Reason Still Unknown

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