In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Come and Make It Pandemic Garden 2.0 Part 12 First Harvest
Taki's Magazine Everyday Lunacy
Anon Conservative News Briefs – 09/27/2021
Daily Stormer Tucker Carlson on the ADL: “Fuck Them”
Daily Stormer Missouri: Three Racist White Cops Allow Neo-Nazi Dog to Repeatedly Bite Innocent Black Man
Daily Stormer Switzerland to Legalize Gay “Marriage” and the Right for Homosexuals to Adopt Child Sex Slaves
Vlad Tepes Reader’s Links for September 27, 2021
Daily Stormer National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in New York
Daily Stormer mRNA Vaccine Meat Coming Soon: Scientists Looking to Edit Genes of Farm Animals
TRS The Third Rail 217 – Nurse Joy Division
Gates of Vienna Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/26/2021
WRSA Covid19 – The Spartacus Letter
Motus Mentis Gone
WRSA FAFO On The World-Historic Scale
Unz: Steve Sailer Where Did the Etruscans Come from?, by Steve Sailer
Gates of Vienna Jabbing the Children: Project Dread
Vlad Tepes More pushback against mandatory Vaxx: Links 2, September 26, 2021
WRSA “The Period For Debate Is Closed”
Come and Make It Pandemic Garden 2.0 part 11
WRSA The Appalling Question – Then & Now
Gates of Vienna We Have Ways of Making You Not Talk
WRSA Berenson Picks Up Project DEFUSE
SovietMen The State Department
Gates of Vienna The Beds Are Hard! The Food Sucks! We Want Germany!
Raconteur Report Mighty White Of Them, In An On-A-Stick Kind Of Way...
Raconteur Report Sunday Music: Only The Lonely
Vlad Tepes Facts of self defence: Links 2, September 26, 2021

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