In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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First Things In the Present Age But Not Of It
Bayou Renaissance Man A ... er ... sticky (legal) situation?
non veni pacem Biden DOJ launches prosecution of doctor who exposed child mutilation at Texas Children’s Why Russia has Nukes near Florida
Didactic Mind Poking the bear was always a losing game Non Una Cum Catholic Masses Around the World
Trees and Triads Small Talk (16)
Brian Niemeier Spencer Klavan vs Conservative Art™
Thinking Housewife The Federal Government Prolonged Slavery
Fr. Z's Blog 13 June: St. Anthony of Padua, Confessor and Doctor
One Cʘsmos Waking from the Great Awokening
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1048 Well, they don’t tell you that in school!
First Things The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
Vox Popoli You Thought Disney Killed Star Wars The Magnitude of the Lie
Thinking Housewife Conservative Con Men and the Fake Money System
Barnhardt Sodomite “Jesuit” (but I repeat myself) Fr. James Martin, Ethh Jey demonstrates one of the oldest faggot priest semantic tricks in the book… I’ve been saying it for years
WINTERY KNIGHT Biden admin launches prosecution of doctor who exposed child mutilation
Les Femmes Let's Turn Virginia Red Again! Send Jonathan Emord to the U.S. Senate
From the Narrow Desert A Sasquatch-eating party every week
Essays in Idleness The frugal “vision”
RORATE CÆLI “The Bishop of Rome”: new Vatican document on papal primacy and “ecumenism”
Creative Minority Report The Rainbow Can be Ever-Present but the Cross Must Remain Hidden.
Bayou Renaissance Man Quote of the day
non veni pacem Feast of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus: “The Divine Heart guards and loves them by living with them, as they live and abide in Him”
Radix Fidem Blog Western Punitive Vindictiveness
Creative Minority Report Judge Mocks 75 Year old Pro-Lifer’s Catholic Faith Upon Hearing Plea from her Husband.
Identity Dixie State-Mandated Religion: Leftist Fears Versus Reality
Sigma Game The Sad, Stupid Rise of the Sigma Male
William M. Briggs Case Study In Making Science Propaganda: Cooking Becomes Pollution
Rev. Matt's Writings The Nation Is Sacred
Vox Popoli The Sad, Stupid Rise of the Sigma Male
Adam Piggott Is your family really living a Christian life?
Catacomb Resident A Dead Problem
Les Femmes Does Kentucky Fried Chicken Use Lab Meat?
Bayou Renaissance Man If you can't take the heat, keep this out of the kitchen
From the Narrow Desert Night of a Thousand N-Words
First Things The Night I Met Jürgen Moltmann
Bayou Renaissance Man Saving on household running costs
From the Narrow Desert Plates among the dead leaves
Vox Popoli Seas of Blood
non veni pacem In case you think it’s rayciss to cite a nation’s average IQ rate, here’s a handy map
Abbey of Misrule Fire in the Snow Democracy When?
Aaron Renn Kathy Keller's Heroic Feminine
Francis Berger ​Two Ways of Understanding Apocalypse
Brian Niemeier Original Net Animation: The Future of Anime?
Radix Fidem Blog OKC Trail Report — Deep Fork Phase 1
OnePeterFive A Neglected Gem in the Traditional Roman Missal: The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
Mundabor Frociaggine Is The New Frociaggine, Or: Frankie Will Have His Revenge
Vox Popoli RIP The Logo
non veni pacem Sub-65 IQ Yemeni pirates force US Navy carrier to retreat from Red Sea
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1047
Fr. Z's Blog More on Francis, “********” and seminaries
One Cʘsmos Unspeakable Truths and Unimaginable Quips
Vox Popoli The End of Carrier Diplomacy
WINTERY KNIGHT What useful things can Christians learn by studying metaphysics?
Les Femmes Feelings and Their Proper Role in Our Lives
OnePeterFive Why I Joined the Crusade
Junior Ganymede Nephite Modernity
Thinking Housewife Woman Smirks in Court
Vox Popoli Why Russia Took So Long
John C. Wright The Phoenix Exultant Ep. 13: The Black Sun
Thinking Housewife Loving God — without Feeling It
Thinking Housewife Memories of Slavery
Identity Dixie Hunter Biden Found Guilty – What a Surprise!
William M. Briggs Critique Of Specification Curve Analysis
Catacomb Resident A Soul Problem
Sigma Game The Girl Logic
Bayou Renaissance Man Knowledge workers run headlong into the threat from artificial intelligence
Mundabor From The Mouth Of The Bigots….
Σ Frame Ryanizing
First Things Vexillology, Horsefeathers, and “Pro-Choice” Dishonesty
First Things More Than a Journal
GunnerQ How Seven-Rays Theosophy Got Mixed Into Christian Theology
Bayou Renaissance Man A giant of the Cold War skies bids farewell
John C. Wright Review: the black cauldron by disney
Orthosphere On pride
One Cʘsmos Trialogues at the Edge of Myself
non veni pacem Biden finally sending weapons to Ukrainian Nazis
Sigma Game They Never Learn
Brian Niemeier Anime Ground Zero and The End of Gainax
Orthosphere “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, So What?”
Les Femmes Pray the Rosary to Advance the Reign of Christ the King!
Creative Minority Report More Faulty Wiring?
WINTERY KNIGHT New study: Covid vaccines could be partly to blame for rise in excess deaths
Barnhardt Justice Alito’s wife is based! Let’s get this lady a TradFlag!!!
Meeting The Masters Elections
Fr. Z's Blog Daily Rome Shot 1046
Junior Ganymede The Temple Garment is a Protection against Hypocrisy
Rev. Matt's Writings Boomers Could Do More…
OnePeterFive Friends Seeking a Common Understanding: Letters on Grace, Vocations, and the Modern Church
From the Narrow Desert Feuilles-oh, sauvez la vie moi
Bayou Renaissance Man Are vehicle service departments taking a leaf out of the "fast lube" racket's book?
Radix Fidem Blog Nothing Special Is Lost
Catacomb Resident Solomon Was Right
Identity Dixie A Return to Sanity
William M. Briggs What Postmodernists Got Right About Science

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