In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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Wednesday William M. Briggs SCOTUS & The Imposing Your Beliefs Fallacy
Wednesday Bruce Charlton's Notions How do modern people choose evil? (Why can't/ won't people believe in the reality of the spiritual war?)
Wednesday Vox Popoli Wednesday AM Arktoons
Wednesday Vox Popoli This Boomer gets it
Wednesday Σ Frame Men’s Fantasy of Emotional Intimacy
Wednesday Dark Brightness Electoral Poison.
Tuesday Didactic Mind Because it’s IDIOTIC, that’s why
Tuesday Vox Popoli It's not over
Tuesday Francis Berger - Blog If You Don't Believe in the Spiritual War, You Are Already On The Wrong Side
Tuesday Bruce Charlton's Notions William Arkle in the 1970s
Tuesday Dark Brightness 23 June 21: God our rescuer
Tuesday John C. Wright's Journal Song Time
Tuesday Adam Piggott But we have to do something
Tuesday Junior Ganymede Understanding Evil
Tuesday Vox Popoli Tuesday PM Arktoons
Tuesday Bruce Charlton's Notions Roman Catholics should not confuse evidence of their church taking the side of evil in the spiritual war, with the "Donatist" controversy of the 4th century
Tuesday WINTERY KNIGHT Did “thousands of women” die in “back alley abortions” before Roe v. Wade?
Tuesday Vox Popoli They actually think it works
Tuesday RORATE CÆLI (Somewhat) Good News from the New Archpriest of Saint Peter's Basilica -- Rules limiting Summorum Pontificum and Private Masses modified
Tuesday Junior Ganymede Righteous. Dominion.
Tuesday Steeple Tea Enmity Between
Tuesday William M. Briggs Vexxines Killing Kids? Cult Of The Mask; Cult Of The Science; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXVI
Tuesday Vox Popoli Tuesday AM Arktoons
Tuesday Vox Popoli A young athlete is vaxxed out
Tuesday Bruce Charlton's Notions Does the fake birdemic prove the truth of Spiritual War; or does the reality of Spiritual War enable us to perceive the fakeness of the birdemic?
Tuesday John C. Wright's Journal That Scene in a Nolan Film
Tuesday Dark Brightness Tuesday Technical
Tuesday Vox Popoli Mailvox: Absolution for the Boomers
Tuesday Edward Feser Curiosity damned the cat
Monday Francis Berger - Blog Prayer Over The Grave
Monday Culture Wars Podcast The Trad Forum: E. Michael Jones
Monday Vox Popoli Hand Over Fluffy Pillow
Monday RORATE CÆLI Biden, The Eucharist, and the Bishops: WHAT IS AT STAKE
Monday Dark Brightness 22 April 21
Monday Vox Popoli Monday PM Arktoons
Monday From the Narrow Desert Mirror dreams
Monday WINTERY KNIGHT Peter J. Williams debates Bart Ehrman on his book “Misquoting Jesus”
Monday Roosh Valizadeh Modern Life Is A Managed Terror
Monday Junior Ganymede Writing Revelations
Monday Vox Popoli The liberal perspective on US decline
Monday RORATE CÆLI Little Latin Readers 'third level' now available for homeschoolers
Monday Σ Frame A Man’s Ability to Read IOIs Depends on Having a Firm Grasp on His Personal Archetypal Mythos
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions How to find and identify a genius: IQ, Psychoticism, Endogenous Personality
Monday William M. Briggs Solution To The Kind-Hearted Magician — REVEALED!
Monday Vox Popoli Monday AM Arktoons
Monday Didactic Mind Monday morning Schifrin shuffle
Monday Meeting The Masters Pestilence, Propaganda, Panic and Pecks
Monday Vox Popoli Rhetorical contortions
Monday Bruce Charlton's Notions Imagining our present world - actualities, possibilities and limitations
Monday From the Narrow Desert Using daylight phases of the Moon to calculate the relative distance of the Sun and the Moon
Monday Gornahoor Process of Manifestation
Sunday Dark Brightness Memes. For we have to save the children.
Sunday Junior Ganymede A Confession
Sunday Dark Brightness 21 June 2021
Sunday Vox Popoli A reasonable request
Sunday The Orthosphere The Oedipus Casebook, edited by Mark R. Anspach
Sunday Vox Popoli Sunday Arktoons
Sunday WINTERY KNIGHT Cosmologist Luke Barnes answers 11 objections to the fine-tuning argument
Sunday Didactic Mind Sunday Scripture: Divisions in the Church
Sunday Adam Piggott There may be hope for young Dutch women
Sunday William M. Briggs Summary Against Modern Thought: Understanding The Trinity X
Sunday John C. Wright's Journal Racism and Conservatism
Sunday Junior Ganymede Happy Fathers Day
Sunday John C. Wright's Journal Give Me Ninety Eight Like Her
Saturday Francis Berger - Blog What We Should Know and Not Know About The Birdemic
Saturday From the Narrow Desert Juneteenth National Independence Day
Saturday Bruce Charlton's Notions Are the best writers two-fingered typists?
Saturday WINTERY KNIGHT Robin Collins and atheist Peter Millican discuss the fine-tuning of the universe for life
Saturday Adam Piggott There is no such thing as a black middle class
Saturday Meeting The Masters White Males Are To Blame
Saturday From the Narrow Desert Trump is not on our side
Saturday Bruce Charlton's Notions What has changed about discernment since the birdemic?
Saturday Gornahoor Not Even Wrong
Friday RORATE CÆLI The Sunset of a Papacy. Pope Francis also has his fans against him. By Antonio Socci
Friday The Orthosphere Selling Beer and Making Whoopee: A Note on Juneteenth
Friday Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Ginger Spice Edition
Friday Francis Berger - Blog Litmus Tests: Fail One and You Fail Them All
Friday John C. Wright's Journal Not Tired of Winning Yet CLVII
Friday Culture Wars Podcast Michael Jones on the Moral Collapse of Our Culture
Friday Junior Ganymede Man and Woman Virtue Sets
Friday WINTERY KNIGHT Five reasons why Christians ought to care about economics
Friday Didactic Mind Let the Reclamation begin
Friday William M. Briggs Juneteenth, A Day In Which We Celebrate The Eternal Victim
Friday Bruce Charlton's Notions How Peter Jackson and his actors showed the strangeness and difference of the elves in The Lord of the Rings movies
Friday Bruce Charlton's Notions The genius of Enid Blyton (and her Goodness)
Friday Σ Frame Entering Manhood (Rite of Passage)
Friday Bruce Charlton's Notions Global evil is of two kinds, demonic minority and atheist masses: the God-rejecters and the God-deniers
Friday Roosh Valizadeh Roosh Hour #65 – Milo Yiannopoulos

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