In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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The Orthosphere On the Difficulty of the Cosmos
Christianity and masculinity Geriatric pregnancy
Vox Popoli SJWs Do NOT Approve
Radix Fidem Blog New Testament Doctrine — Matthew 5:21-26
One Cʘsmos The Personal is the Political, Even Though We Now Have Medications For That
Men Of The West Attraction On The Mats
Mundabor The “Synodal Process” Explained.
Dark Brightness Sunday 26 September 2021
Francis Berger Some Parallel Societies Are Acceptable It Seems
Vox Popoli The Mark of the Retarded
Vox Popoli Saturday Arktoons
RORATE CÆLI Can a Catholic Have “Doubts” about Vatican II? — Article by Jean-Pierre Maugendre
John C. Wright's Journal Maricopa County Audit
WINTERY KNIGHT Can feminism be defended with reason and evidence? Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman
Radix Fidem Blog It’s Politics, Not Medicine
Vox Popoli All Fizzle, No Sizzle
Vox Popoli Stay on the Train, Mudblood
Bruce Charlton's Notions The man in the moon, a poem by Hugh MacDiarmid (1925)
John C. Wright's Journal Nurturing Islamic Science Fiction
Dark Brightness 25th September 2021.
Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Vacation Station Edition
John C. Wright's Journal SF to Muggles: We Warned You
RORATE CÆLI More Francis on "Traditionis custodes": To a new visiting group of French bishops, Francis says, "Yes, I did it thinking about the USA." (And additional important information.)
RORATE CÆLI Washington Post: Front page Latin Mass article
Gunner Q FaithMeet Fail
Kairos – By Brian Niemeier The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls
WINTERY KNIGHT Can you count on the Democrats to protect you from criminals and terrorists?
Radix Fidem Blog Shall Not Pass Away
Junior Ganymede Life is a Maze
Bruce Charlton's Notions Did the Rings of Power achieve their objective?
William M. Briggs The Magic Of Science — Guest Post by Ianto Watt
Mundabor Ironies Of Fate
Dark Brightness Memez
Adam Piggott Is there one Godly priest in Melbourne?
Bruce Charlton's Notions On the side of God? Some triads...
Σ Frame On the Discernment of Desire
Bruce Charlton's Notions Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - and final participation
John C. Wright's Journal Defining the Indefinable, Defending the Indefensible
Gornahoor Journey to the Center of the Mind
Gunner Q US Secret Service Chooses Chinese Surveillance Drones
Radix Fidem Blog Jeremiah Revision Ready for Printing
Didactic Mind “Poison death shot”? Maybe
One Cʘsmos Checking in with the Ground of Cosmos and Psyche
Francis Berger I Miss Good Conversations, But I Probably Shouldn't
From the Narrow Desert The folly in which I persisted
The Orthosphere Our Strength Destroyed by this New Age’s Ways
Dark Brightness 24 September 2021
Meeting The Masters Secular Spirituality
Kairos – By Brian Niemeier Death Cult Sacraments
WINTERY KNIGHT Two reasons why Christians and conservatives should not donate to United Way
Radix Fidem Blog Odds and Ends 11
RORATE CÆLI Op-Ed: "Traditionis Custodes: Vatican II at the Throes of Death"
Junior Ganymede “My Prayer was Perfectly Sincere”
William M. Briggs First There Was Vaccine Passports, Now They Want Carbon Passports
Bruce Charlton's Notions Forgive, but don't forget
Dark Brightness Played by the government
John C. Wright's Journal Gnosticism, or, The Return of Simon the Magician
Gornahoor Facts and Existence
Steeple Tea First Day of Fall
Gunner Q How To Argue For A Religious Vaxx Exemption
Dark Brightness Thomist theology Friday.
Adam Piggott Let America die
Dark Brightness 23 September 2021
The Orthosphere The Real Land of Beings that Have Been Burnt
Didactic Mind Empire of lies
John C. Wright's Journal Judgement Eve: Verse 9 Antediluvians
WINTERY KNIGHT Why social conservatives should support free market capitalism
Radix Fidem Blog Lord, Set Your People Free
Σ Frame Love begins where perfection ends
Junior Ganymede Codevilla RIP
William M. Briggs Nine Miles From Zion — Guest Post by Uncle Mike
Francis Berger Sunset At Colpach
Mundabor I Am A Catholic! Of Course I Wish For Francis To Die!
Bruce Charlton's Notions Walter Scott and the failure of Romantic Christianity
RORATE CÆLI Time for Worldwide Sacrifice: Ember Week in September
No Longer Reading What lies behind the laws of nature?
Kairos – By Brian Niemeier Renfield Americans
Gunner Q Double Christian Captain Save-A-Ho
The Orthosphere Requiescat in Pace Thomas Bertonneau
Radix Fidem Blog Ezekiel Revision Ready for Printing
One Cʘsmos The Profound Shallowness of Identity Politics
Adam Piggott Is it time to break zee rules? (asking for a friend)
Radix Fidem Blog I Wish It Was Just My Imagination
Mundabor Sorry, Adolf… Or, Science For Abortionists
WINTERY KNIGHT How should Christians redeem their regrets over past decisions?
The 96th Thesis Self-Sacrifice with Self-Respect
Junior Ganymede By Power
William M. Briggs Rare Week Of Good News, And Some Bad — Coronavirus Update XCIV
Bruce Charlton's Notions When resisting totalitarian evil - do what intuition says; do not plan
Bruce Charlton's Notions How Sam Gamgee's character was permanently transformed
Gunner Q The Vaxxed Aren’t Landing On Their Feet
Steeple Tea The Last Monday of Summer

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