In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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WINTERY KNIGHT Did you miss this recent historically-accurate World War 2 movie?
Bruce Charlton My thirty-five year engagement with CS Lewis's Surprised by Joy
Vox Popoli Murder, He Suspected
The Orthosphere Courage Alone Does Not Suffice
Bruce Charlton Why my tedious, mundane, materialistic bad-dreams?
Meeting The Masters What's the School For?
Bruce Charlton What is Heaven like?... A place of uniqueness of nature and creativity, harmonized by love
Adam Piggott Covid Refugees
Vox Popoli The Useless NFL Vaccine Mandate
Gornahoor Heaven and Earth Are Silent
Brian Niemeier Archbishop Upholds Catholic Doctrine
The Orthosphere Standard Politics is Still Valuable for Christians and other Non-Woke People, but Discernment is Needed lest we Waste Time and Support our Opponent
Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Tuscan Marble Edition
Dark Brightness 16 October 2021
Gunner Q The Vaccinated Are Dropping Dead Of… Exercise-Induced Heart Attacks!
John C. Wright Tucker Fights Russian Disinformation
Thinking Housewife Strategies of Psychological Warfare
Francis Berger Safe Means Spiritually Dead
Vox Popoli Friday Arktoons
WINTERY KNIGHT Pro-abortion feminist academic justifies divorcing the man she loved
Σ Frame How to build your ex to go back to being fond of you
William M. Briggs The Coming Unification Of Science & Religion — Guest Post by Ianto Watt
Bruce Charlton "Nae hauf-way hoose" - life at the right extreme
Bruce Charlton Favourite books to dip-into - but which you never read-through
Gornahoor Hidden Meanings in Texts
Dark Brightness Friday Theology.
Didactic Mind Scientists are midwit morons
RORATE CÆLI 'The Council and The Eclipse of God' by Don Pietro Leone - PART XVI - 'The Right to Propagate Error'
Dark Brightness Why are you still on Facebook?
Steeple Tea I, Too, Want To Encourage Brandon To Go
Gunner Q Wyoming’s Judas: Episcopal Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler
Francis Berger The Failure to Recognize Evil Renders Man Powerless
Dark Brightness 15 October 2021
John C. Wright Till We Have Faces
WINTERY KNIGHT The Wintery Knight’s favorite Bible verses
John C. Wright On the Injection Mandate
Junior Ganymede What if You Are the Hero
The Orthosphere Householders or Tenants?
William M. Briggs Colonialism Did Some Good & Its Abrupt End Caused Much Harm: The Last Imperialist by Bruce Gilley Reviewed
Bruce Charlton In trying to understand why God 'allows' suffering in this world - try to understand one person at a time
Bruce Charlton Salvation and theosis - God's two goals in creation
Σ Frame Start Small to Build Internal Locus of Control
Mundabor Of Hens And Grandmas
From the Narrow Desert How far will peck mandates go?
Radix Fidem Blog The Time Has Come
Christianity and masculinity Disparities in college education might explain much of the gap in marriage
Gunner Q The Crazy Cat Commissioner of Florida
RORATE CÆLI The Question of Continuity of the 1962 Missal and the 1970 Missal: The Sunday Gospels
Thinking Housewife Hawk Highways, Monarch Byways
Dark Brightness On commenting.
Mundabor Do Not Cry, Good, Faithful Catholic Soul.
From the Narrow Desert A bit of perspective from St. Paul
Adam Piggott Domestic Terrorist is the new Nazi
Radix Fidem Blog Just Being Evil
John C. Wright Lone Soldier in Paradise part Three: Visit from the Civilian Government
Brian Niemeier Cozy TV
WINTERY KNIGHT What would public school teachers do if your daughter was raped by a transgender student?
Junior Ganymede Real Men Do X
Bruce Charlton We need to be able to recognize evil to resist it; but we do not need to understand it
William M. Briggs How We Know For Certain Biden Is Losing It
Bruce Charlton Harsh life lessons resisted - and yet they might so 'easily' be learned...
RORATE CÆLI Una Voce International: new edition of Gregorius Magnus magazine
Meeting The Masters My Current Spiritual Practice
Σ Frame Have Tattoos? Will Slide!
Gornahoor Intergalactic Columbus Day
John C. Wright Old Adam and his fair Daughters
No Longer Reading The Hall of Mirrors Effect
John C. Wright Commercial Suicide for Superheroes: Trucker’s Take
RORATE CÆLI Fontgombault Sermon for the Dedication of the Abbey Church: "The Church is buffeted by all the waves, but she doesn’t founder."
John C. Wright Commercial Suicide for Superheros
WINTERY KNIGHT How do Christians justify not engaging secularism, feminism and socialism?
The 96th Thesis Assassinating America’s Common Ground
Men Of The West Closing Ranks Against Us
Brian Niemeier Pop Culture Time Slippage
Radix Fidem Blog Do You Even Have a Witness?
Francis Berger Good Conscience and The Peck
William M. Briggs Vaccines Mandates & Passports Only Exist To Punish & Coerce — Coronavirus Update CI
Σ Frame Whipped Dogs
From the Narrow Desert The birdemic in Asterix and the Chariot Race
Bruce Charlton How to respond to squabbling orcs, and Saruman versus Sauron
Men Of The West A Quick Introduction to Richard Wagner and “Der Ring des Nibelungen” or the Ring Cycle

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