In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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From the Narrow Desert John the Drowner
Didactic Mind Jezebel eyes
Steeple Tea The First Sunday of Advent
Junior Ganymede Much better
Essays in Idleness A new year
WINTERY KNIGHT Evaluating William Lane Craig’s views on Genesis, Adam and Eve
Didactic Mind Sunday Scripture: Judgement on False Teachers
Thinking Housewife First Sunday of Advent
Catacomb Resident Social Boundaries
Bruce Charlton The moon in daylight
William M. Briggs Summary Against Modern Thought: Objections To Faith in the Incarnation
Francis Berger A Dark and Sad Christmas? I Beg to Differ.
Vox Popoli Sunday Arktoons
Vox Popoli The Facts on the Ground
RORATE CÆLI Fontgombault Sermon for the First Sunday in Advent: "What can be feared of a Child?"
Bruce Charlton England commences its next wave of (fake) birdemic-excused totalitarian coercion: What will happen next?
Junior Ganymede The Entropy Engine
Gunner Q Solomon Says ‘Cuck!’
Vox Popoli Don’t Believe the Numbers
One Cʘsmos The Rock Bottom Upon Which I Will Build My Post
Francis Berger The Financialization of Creation- A Big Part of the Current Totalitarian Assault Against God
Meeting The Masters Good and Evil
The Orthosphere “Leftists are Motivated by Self-Interest and Envy, Not Compassion: The Evidence” a rough transcript of a video by Edward Dutton
Vox Popoli Saturday Arktoons
Vox Popoli Omicron is Not From Botswana
One Cʘsmos On the Next Day But in Yet Another Post
Dark Brightness 28th November 2021: Advent I
RORATE CÆLI The most serious conspiracy is not against human rights, but against the supreme rights of God -- by Roberto de Mattei
John C. Wright The Critical Drinker on Destroying Heroes
WINTERY KNIGHT Fascism in action: Antifa Democrat attacks Republican Senator’s office with axe
From the Narrow Desert Nothing Nu under the Sun
Catacomb Resident Religion Boundaries
RORATE CÆLI Liturgical Polarisation: a Reply to Fr Ruff
Dark Brightness Memery
Adam Piggott Flag of our Nation
Bruce Charlton Modern converged totalitarianism: creating chaos leading to demands for order; crushing with order to foment chaos
Bruce Charlton To get rid of ghosts, you may need to 'kill' the house...
Gunner Q Happy Headlines
One Cʘsmos On the Same Day but in Another Post
Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Boorishness Edition
Dark Brightness 27 November 2021
Francis Berger Just When You Thought It Was "Safe" To Go Back To "Normal"
One Cʘsmos ... In the Same Life but on Another Level...
Christianity and masculinity Intuitive heuristics revisited: Be THE man
The Orthosphere The Discarded Image of God
WINTERY KNIGHT Facebook has a long record of censoring speech critical of Democrats
From the Narrow Desert Just a random coincidence
Junior Ganymede How the Well-Dressed Gentlemen Avoids Dashed Awkward Political Conversations
Mundabor How To Fake Virtue And Influence People: Vademecum For Homopedos, Glorified Whores, And Assorted Scumbags.
Catacomb Resident Church Boundaries
Francis Berger Shortages In Many Goods - Save One
William M. Briggs Bleak Friday Deal
Bruce Charlton Owen Barfield's epistemological terminology of 'consciousness', contrasted with Rudolf Steiner's epistemology of 'thinking'
Adam Piggott Use the Covid Tyranny to Escape from the Real Tyranny
Σ Frame The Art of Thankfulness
Throne, Altar, Liberty The Start of a Reaction?
Steeple Tea Happy Thanksgiving
John C. Wright Constitutionalism, Capitalism, and Christianity
Dark Brightness 26 November 2021
Dark Brightness Tactics.
One Cʘsmos Thanks for the Truth, Sorry about the Deicide
RORATE CÆLI The Council and Eclipse of God- by Don Pietro Leone: Installment XX - Chapter V: The ‘Church and the World.’
The Orthosphere The Speediest Remedy Known
Didactic Mind Bye-Bye Birdy!
The Orthosphere The Clenched Fist
WINTERY KNIGHT Christopher Hitchens debates William Lane Craig: Does God Exist?
Roosh Valizadeh Corneliu Zelea Cordreanu: Revolutionary Or Saint?
From the Narrow Desert Vineyard shouting with the bee whom hump
Thinking Housewife Happy Thanksgiving
Adam Piggott Discipline begets Discipline
Mundabor Thanks For Nothing, Bishops…
Junior Ganymede Happy Thanksgiving
William M. Briggs Old Lodge Skins’ Prayer Of Thanksgiving
Bruce Charlton Confusing selection-replacement with transformative developmental-evolution... The covertly suicidal impulse in Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and Oneness spiritualities
Francis Berger To Prevent People From Being Saved, The Totalitarians Will Ensure "Normal" Is Never "Safe"
From the Narrow Desert Bee like a sunflower
John C. Wright The Leviathan of Time, Chapter Four: Ghost of Days to Come
The Orthosphere Under the Iron Dome: Thomas Bertonneau on Transcendence
Didactic Mind Guest Post: The Climate CRYsis by The Male Brain
Adam Piggott Let’s get rid of the federal government empire and all sing Kumbaya
Dark Brightness 25 November 2021
Thinking Housewife How to Spot a Staged Attack
John C. Wright More from the Mountain Who Writes
WINTERY KNIGHT Thinking practically about the gospel with an illustration from a war movie
Christianity and masculinity The 4 interactive pathways of relationships
Mundabor Charity, Properly Intended.
William M. Briggs The Revolution Is Upon Us — Guest Post by Ianto Watt
Junior Ganymede In the Country of the Blind
Σ Frame Moral Guidance Based Feedback vs. Sexual Attention
From the Narrow Desert The YouTube credo
Gornahoor Humans may be Everywhere
Men Of The West “The Sectarian of Society” by G.K. Chesterton
From the Narrow Desert Four rams' heads
Gunner Q Happy Thanksgiving 2021
Steeple Tea Gratitude
John C. Wright Coming to a Podcast Near You!
Junior Ganymede The Waukesha Dead
Bruce Charlton Resisting evil... Is double-negative morality a viable option?
The Orthosphere Unprecedented times

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