In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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RORATE CÆLI “The Sacrament of Confirmation: What Should Be Done After the Responsa?” - a canonical response, by Father Pierre Laliberté, Doctor of Canon Law
Christianity and masculinity Cooper and Anna Kupp are currently a great example for Christian marriage
WINTERY KNIGHT Should the Democrats smear opponents of their unpopular policies as “racists”?
Roosh Valizadeh How To React When Relatives Attack Your Conversion To Orthodoxy
From the Narrow Desert Thought and conscious will
Creative Minority Report California Gov. Newsom Apologizes for Calling “Gangs”… Gangs
Vox Popoli The Woke of the Rings
William M. Briggs How Much Longer Until The Woke Take Over?
RORATE CÆLI The New Doctor of the Church, or, Does Pope Francis Know What He Is Doing? — Guest Article by Tomasz Dekert
Catacomb Resident Does It Matter?
Adam Piggott Gamma Strike
Bruce Charlton The birdemic certainly exploded the pretensions of humanism...
Σ Frame Infidelity is anything short of fidelity.
No Longer Reading True symbols can be obscured but not corrupted
No Longer Reading The two questions of AI
Creative Minority Report I Don’t Look to the Left for Consistency but On This They’re Pretty Solid
Dark Brightness 24 January 2022
From the Narrow Desert Why do birds suddenly appear?
The Orthosphere On the Memetic Success of Modernism
Bruce Charlton Meditation as panacea - from what basis does this idea originate?
Francis Berger A Creator of Co-Creators
Vox Popoli No Coverage for Vaccine Damage
WINTERY KNIGHT The importance of fathers for teaching children about Christian worldview
Didactic Mind Sunday Scripture: Fear God, Wait for the Lord
Vox Popoli Sunday Arktoons
Vox Popoli Only Fools Trust Science
William M. Briggs Summary Against Modern Thought: Christ Was Born of the Holy Ghost
Catacomb Resident In the Shrine to Art
Dark Brightness Sunday Poetry
John C. Wright Voice of Reason 08: The Impartiality of Reason
Adam Piggott We Reject their Science
RORATE CÆLI The Joy of the Traditional Roman Mass: They can't take that away from us.
Full Metal Patriarch How Far Sarah Went To Protect Abraham
Roosh Valizadeh Roosh Hour #73 – Demons
Vox Popoli The Best Thing That Ever Happened
Dark Brightness Sunday 23 Jan 2022.
Essays in Idleness Fading away
Voice of Reason Last Crusade 08: The Impartiality of Reason
Didactic Mind Gingerbread cookies
The Orthosphere Why Nationalism is Sometimes Evil and Sometimes Holy
WINTERY KNIGHT New survey: 43% of millennials “don’t know, don’t believe” God exists
Didactic Mind Domain Query: If the bar ain’t bendin’…
From the Narrow Desert Three red lines
RORATE CÆLI A reply: the unforgivable sin of Traditionalism
Meeting The Masters Science and God
Bruce Charlton Divine revelation includes 'built in' knowledge (innate, initially unconscious)
Mundabor The Unsinkable Azzam
Adam Piggott Do Doctors Pray?
Steeple Tea A Choir of Seabirds
From the Narrow Desert "Non volo peccare" syncs
RORATE CÆLI The Outrageous Propaganda of Archbishop Roche
Catacomb Resident Don't Look Back
Creative Minority Report Insane Woke Preacher Insists Jesus Was Transgender
Gunner Q Digital Dollar White Paper: Some Heartfelt Feedback
New World Island Evil Does Not Want You To Learn From Experience (Francis Berger)
John C. Wright Legend (1985): Fairy Fare not Fit for Man
RORATE CÆLI "The Battle for the Mass is Won" - Interview with Fr. Philippe Laguérie
Dark Brightness 22 January 2022
RORATE CÆLI “A permanent parliament in which Jesus Christ is no longer preached, conversion to Truth and Grace no longer called for”: Bishop Aguer on the Synod on Synodality
Didactic Mind Friday T&A: Far-Eastern Promises
Christianity and masculinity If you are not interested in having sex when your spouse wants sex then don’t get married
Bruce Charlton The choice is all or nothing - no nuance is possible
The Orthosphere Hegemons of the Bankrupt
Francis Berger They Will Do Everything in Their Power to Ensure the Choice is Yours
Thinking Housewife Florence Nightingale Challenges Germ Theory
Monster Hunter Nation Let’s Play Privilege Bingo!
Mundabor At Least A Bit Of Thinning, Or A Bit Of Yellow
Junior Ganymede Locking Down the Young
Bruce Charlton Satan's scheme
WINTERY KNIGHT Alexander Vilenkin: “All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning”
Roosh Valizadeh 29 Secular Articles I Recommend
Creative Minority Report Klavan: God is Being Deleted from our Culture
Creative Minority Report One Important Thing I Noticed About Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Trailer.
William M. Briggs Justice Anthony Kennedy Is A Satanist
Mundabor What A Difference A Party Made
RORATE CÆLI “He is damaging the entire series of his predecessors…and thus himself and the papacy”: The insoluble contradiction between Francis and Paul VI
Bruce Charlton "Training the mind" - double-edged effect at best, and preventive of Final Participation
Adam Piggott Science versus God
Σ Frame Rights and Responsibilities within Marriage
Gornahoor Gone, Baby, Gone: Justice
From the Narrow Desert Non volo peccare
Dark Brightness The worm it turns.
The Orthosphere “Thou Many-Headed Monster Thing” and the Madness of Crowds
Didactic Mind When the Care Bear mask slips off
Thinking Housewife Monogamy and Freedom
Dark Brightness Friday Theology.
Francis Berger Berdyaev on the Misinterpretation of Creativity
One Cʘsmos Brandon's Trifecta
John C. Wright Prayer Request
RORATE CÆLI An edifying message in the aftermath of Traditionis Custodes and the other orders from Rome on December 18th 2021:
Dark Brightness 21 Jan 2022.
RORATE CÆLI Msgr. Stefan Heid: “A sacred rite, in a sacred space, on a sacred table, and facing east: This is how the early Christians celebrated Mass”
Junior Ganymede Lies were the Oxygen, Hysteria the Fuel
Monster Hunter Nation The One Year Anniversary of Utter FAilure
Thinking Housewife Masks and Speech Delays
Adam Piggott Just what is the democratic process?
Creative Minority Report CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Unvaxxed as Idiots. Says Gov’t Must Act “For the Greater Good.”
WINTERY KNIGHT Some tips for women to test a marriage candidate for relationship skills
Creative Minority Report Pandemic to Endemic. An Analogy
Mundabor Karen Suffers A Great Loss

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